Rental Application / Policies

Rental Application

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Our Policies

  1. One (1) month security deposit along with the 1st month's rent will be due when lease agreement is signed.
  2. Turn utilities on in your name
  3. No tolerance…your rent is due by the first of each month. Self addressed envelopes will be provided for your convenience. Write check or money order to La Maison Apartments please note; if your rent is received after the 5th of the month a $25.00 late fee is charged. You'll be required to move out after the third late fee is charged.
  4. Keep and maintain the interior and exterior of your apartment in good and sanitary condition during the term of your lease. Trash must be placed in the dumpster labeled 'no yard waste'…do not leave trash outside next to dumpsters… do not throw trash or soda cans on the ground or in the yards…
  5. Please be respectful of your new neighbors and keep noise down to a minimum. A peaceful living environment can be experienced by everyone.
  6. Satellite dishes are not permitted (can not be attached to the exterior of the building).
  7. Two sets of door keys will be provided. Lost keys may be purchased through a local locksmith
  8. Tenant will not add, remove, or change any locks at the apartment without the prior written consent of landlord. Tenant agrees to furnish landlord with a duplicate key for any changed or added lock permitted by tenant.
  9. No loitering in the halls or front yards
  10. Do not leave trash bags in the back or front yards
  11. Do not leave trash bags outside of the dumpsters
  12. Do not throw trash or soda cans on the ground
  13. Do not allow small children under the age of 10 outside unsupervised. Children may not be left unattended in the halls or any other common areas of the building in which tenants apartment is located or elsewhere in the apartment complex. Children shall not play in the halls, common areas, entrances, or stairways. Outside play, games, sports or other recreational activities are permitted only in the designated park located behind buildings K and L. They are not permitted on the lawns, parking areas, or other paved areas of the apartment complex
  14. Tenant will shut off the water valve for the clothes washer when leaving the apartment unattended. Tenant will be responsible for any damage caused to tenants apartment, or any other apartment, due to the failure to comply with this regulation.
  15. Tenant shall not park or store, or allow someone else to park or store in any parking area or any other portion of the apartment complex, any truck, trailer, boat, or disabled motor vehicle
  16. Office number and maintenance emergencies 610-688-3800

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed in select units ONLY.

Pets, not in Selected Units policy.

If you have a pet now, or acquire one during the term of your lease, you are in violation of your lease. Tenant agrees to pay landlord $50.00 per month, dating back to the beginning date of this lease. If any pet is discovered belonging to a tenant, in tenants apartment, the building in which tenant's apartment is located, or on the grounds of the apartment complex. This charge is not additional rent, allowing the pet to remain. The charge is for damages.

Our Location

219 Sugartown Road Wayne, PA 19087
{P} 610.688.3800 {F} 610.688.0492

Contact Information

General Office Hours
M to F - 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm
Sunday: By Appointment
{P} 610.688.3800 {F} 610.688.0492

For Emergencies Please Call 610.688.3800